Create and share your own reward system to achieve goals great and small.

Put koinage to work and everybody wins.

Koins can be used to encourage positive behavior.

You can use them to award people for:

• Meeting a fitness goal

• Completing homework or chores

• Accomplishing an important task

They can even be used as a favor between family or friends.

Koins are a great way to promote your business and interact with your customers.

• Give Koins to customers using a customized “Free Key” code

that automatically places Koins in their account

• Use Koins as coupons and include QR codes for easy scanning

How Koinage works.

Koinage for family, friends or business, the basics are the same.

Creating a Koin is simple.

You can create a Koin using our mobile app (coming soon) and on the web.

Quick Koins are the easiest way to get started. Just tell us what you

want the Koin to be worth, and we’ll do the rest.

Need some help with your Koin? You can create a Koin from one of

the many templates we provide. You can customize these koins or

edit them later.

If you know what sort of Koin you need, you can create a unique Koin

with complete control over all the features of the koin.

Once you’ve created your Koin, you can send them to friends,

family, and customers. Koins can easily be shared over social media.